Do More Together

Dear Friends,

The temperature outside reads -3 degrees Fahrenheit with a crisp bite that frosts the windows, numbs the nose, and dares even the most ardent winter lover to step foot outside. With the holidays already in full swing, something feels different about this 2022 holiday season. A certain warmth is spreading– one that enlivens our spirit and swells our hearts. It is the possibility of connection.  

For the first time in a long time, it feels as if the apprehension to connect has given way to excitement. Whether virtually, over the phone, or across a dinner table, the joy of a familiar voice telling a story satisfies an irreplaceable human need.

When we Do More Together, experiences are richer, work more fulfilling, and laughter ever louder. It is with this in mind that we express a wish for the coming year: that people everywhere connect again with stronger and more fierce bonds than ever before. We hope that new friendships are ignited, and old ones rekindled. That we venture outside of our comfort zones to learn from each other and dream up brave ideas. Let ‘s use our relationships to inspire hope, optimism, and equity as we champion for one another.

The warmth of connection is spreading. We hope you and your loved ones feel it throughout this holiday season and beyond.


All of us at Domoto


Do More Together


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